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Just as every flower is one of a kind, every event, every wedding, every space and every moment we celebrate has its own unique properties...  welcome to Lulu Flora.
At Lulu Flora, located in Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush Bay, we create floral designs that suit your mood, purpose and need.  In addition we offer gift ideas for every important occasion and host Floral Art & Design classes for those wanting to discover the wonderful world of fresh flowers.
Trends come and go, but there is one single philosophy that has guided the art of Lulu Flora: 
What you add is equally as important as what you subtract.


"I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers"
                                                                       ~Claude Monet

While lush abundance is a design that we love to create, equally important is the art of simplicity. The two floral looks may contrast on the surface but they have a lot in common. Both require careful consideration of placement based on balance of colour, weight and texture.


We deliver anywhere in the Sydney Metropolitan area. We can also organise interstate and overseas orders using Teleflora.  Contact us today and see how we can help make your day one to remember.


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